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Best Soil Mixture for Plants

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

As, human beings need proper diet and food to sustain, plants also need proper nourishment to grow and to stay healthy. We all know that soil is a bread and butter for the survival of a plant and hence the quality of the soil should meet many standards and criteria set by our planting organization.

Quality of soil actually depends on the ingredients of the soil mixture and the quantity ratio of the ingredients. So, soil mixture is actually a very crucial step in the whole process of planting. So today we are here to discuss some of the relevant aspects of soil quality, soil mixture and the physical plus chemical properties of soil.

Now, how can we make an analysis of the physical properties of soil? In simple language it’s just what we see in the pot. Actually, the soil should be balanced and capable of absorbing water, holding moisture plus should be able to shed off excessive water also. Let's say when we do watering in the plant, we observe few instances:

  • Sometimes you see, soil has absorbed all the water in minutes and holds some moisture for some time.

  • Sometimes soil takes longer time to absorb water and gives a damped texture on the surface.

  • And many times, we see that water comes out from the pot (if the pot has a proper drainage hole at the bottom of the top) despite the fact you have given very less water to the plant.

So all of these outcomes depend on the quality of the soil, ingredients of the soil and the mixture ratio of the ingredients. Let’s discuss what all ingredients and types of soil we should take to make it structured for planting.

Soil Mixture

  • If you will use normal i.e. plain gardening soil (without any other ingredient) for planting, it will act as a clay and it will take a lot of time to get absorbed. Moreover, it will also not allow air to pass through the soil. So, plants will not get either water or air. As we all know that both are important for the roots of the plant to make food for the plant. So in this case also plants would not survive for longer duration.

  • Hence, soil should be porous. To do the needful, we need to add either sand or coco peat to the soil. But here also we need to be confined with the proper ratios aspects.

  • More sand can make soil dry and can stop the growth of the plant.

  • If you use coco peat, it will lock the moisture in the soil and can manage drainage of excessive water (make sure your pot has a hole at the bottom) also by allowing water to pass through soil. But in winters we should not use coco peat as the environment itself locks some moisture in the air during winters. So we should use coco peat during summers. Let’s talk about the perfect soil mixture.

Perfect Soil Mixture Ratio

A soil-mixture that is perfect for all and can be used for vegetable, flowering, non-flowering or any type of outdoor as well as indoor plants is made up of these three components:

  • Soil

  • Compost

  • Sand

Soil: Take normal roadside soil and clean it. I have taken 6 trowels of soil. Now, whatever quantity of soil you have taken, use exactly its half quantity of compost (3 trowels).

Compost: Compost can be Cowdung compost, Vermicompost or Kitchen compost. You can use any compost but using compost is essential because it has no other substitute. Compost is quite spongy, hence it prevents soil from becoming stiffer, contains lots of moisture and major nutrients.

Sand: Take construction sand. Ideally, Sand will be used in ¼ quantity of the compost which you have used. For 3 trowels of compost you can use approximately a little more than ½ trowel of sand.

  1. f you like, you can add more compost. If you are an experienced gardener then you can use some coco peat also.

  2. After adding all the ingredients, mix them well.


Whenever you water your plant for the first time, do it slowly and in small quantities. Plus when we water our plants for the first time, they take time to absorb the water completely and in draining excessive water too.

So, do not overflow your plants in one go, despite the fact that your soil drainage system is quite good because surplus water will be drained out but excessive wet soil will take more time to dry.

So, you can make your soil-mixture in 6: 3: ½ (Soil: Compost: Sand) ratio. Please use it in the same ratio and you will not face any issue in any season.

One more thing, there is no such rule that when you water your plants it must drain out in two or five minutes, it sometimes depends upon the size of your pots and soil quality.

So folks!!! It was all about soil mixture.

Enjoy your planting!!!!

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