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Q - What can I use in place of dry leaves if not available?

A - It's a very important question. I would suggest you to ask any mali or guard to collect dry leaves.      They will surely manage. Alternatives can be dry grass, cocopeat or newspaper. But I am not suggesting alternatives because dry leaves are source of Nitrogen for compost. Go with dry leaves only.

Q - Please share whether we should keep Money Plants indoors or on the balcony 🙏🏻?

A- Plants do not give oxygen at night but for money plant, you can keep them in your bedroom at night because it releases very less carbon dioxide and are not harmful to us.

Q- I have a doubt! Are spinach, onion, and other edible items safe to eat? Do the seeds have any types of harmful chemicals ???

A- Yes, seeds that are available in market are definitely treated with some fungicides. So, keep them away from kids but veggies that grow from seeds are safe to eat.

Q - If you have to recommend only one or two, what would you recommend?

A- For soil mixture any compost will work. It can be vermicompost, cowdung compost or kitchen compost and for liquid fertilizer cow dung liquid fertilizer is good enough for most of the house plants.

Q - Can we do hard pruning in May, June as I forgot to do in spring?

A- I am afraid but for summer plants, always do hard pruning in spring only. During extreme summer they also go dormant. So, I do not recommend you to do it in May and June.

Q - In which month can we do hard pruning of Jasmine and Hibiscus plants?

A- Hard pruning should be done in the growing season only. Jasmine and Hibiscus are summer plants. So, do it in the spring season only.

Q- How much sunlight does a Thuja plant need, it is always in full sun in the gardens?

A- Thuja is a summer plant and needs ample amount of sunlight. Keep them in direct sun, If you feel the temperature is too high like 40 Degree Celsius. Then shift them to a semi-shaded area.


Q This cinnamon powder works so effectively for ants, thank you so much n Pls give some organic solution for weeds my plants are surrounded by them. Can we hibiscus bugs with same solution pls guide.

A- Hey! For weeds I recommend neem cake powder in soil and for milly bugs you can watch my black pest video. Although that video is for black pest but the same solution works for milly bugs also.

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