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In the present scenario, technology has bound us so much that even the kids are getting involved in machines to the acute level. They are forgetting all the outdoor activities. Today’s kids are forbidden by nature's love and its importance but if we inculcate the value of nature in them since their childhood, then they will definitely get attached to it.

Gardening or planting is the easiest way to shoulder the child towards nature. Kids can do gardening at any age, we just need to guide them, we need to involve them. Here, we will discuss how kids of different ages can do gardening and explore this beautiful gift of nature.

1) Gardening activities for kids 0-2 age

● At this age, you should take your child near the plants. Let them touch leaves, soil, plants, flowers and everything with their hands. Let them feel what nature is. It will be a new experience for them and they will enjoy it for sure.

● You can also give some easy tools in their hands like spray bottles, it will not do any harm to them.

2) Gardening activities for kids 3-5 age

● If your child is 3-5 years old, you can ask them to sow the seeds. They will be really curious and excited to know when the plant will come out from the soil. It will be a fun activity for them. They will keep on checking daily, whether the seed is germinated or not. They will give water, love, care and affection to the plant in this whole process.

● Moreover, gardening is a game of patience. When we do planting at home, everything takes its own time to grow properly. So, it will teach your child the value of patience also. They will learn we cannot get everything instantly. Good things take time to happen.

● Infact, they can learn different names, different parts of the plants also by seeing them. When you approach the plants, you find so many different insects and flies, the child will learn about them also. As we all know, practicality is always better than theory. Children will learn more things in a better way.

For both these problems of fungus and ants, we have one solution i.e cinnamon powder. Cinnamon powder is a very strong organic and chemical free fungicide, plus it is easily available at our homes.

3) Gardening activities for kids 5-8 age

● At this age, kids can do all the activities of gardening because they are strong and intelligent enough to understand the things. Be it loosening of soil, pruning, giving water, sowing seeds and many other activities.

● You can give them different-different gardening challenges. Let’s say you can ask them to find out all the bugs in the plants, in this way it will be a help for the parents also plus kids would be involved in the safe activity. It is far better than showing them television or mobile screens.

● By teaching the value of gardening, in fact we are teaching them the values of our religions and culture also. Many people worship different plants like tulsi, peepal, banana trees, etc.

● We can do kitchen gardening also with our child by planting different vegetables. It will be a very good memory for them when they grow up. Kids will grow as trees grow and it will be a cherishing phase for them by seeing something of their own creation.

When we do planting with our kids, they actually get to know the value of their food. They will learn how much labour and time is needed to get some fruits and vegetables. They will value the food more.

4) Gardening activities for kids 10+ years age

● At this age, kids are talented enough that they can do everything on their own by exploring different platforms, you just need to motivate them.

● Not only planting, they can do everything related to gardening. Making kitchen compost, different organic fertilizers, etc. In a current scenario we should make our child multitalented by teaching them all aspects of different fields.

You should take your child to the farm at least once in a year. We can practise some good deeds like planting new plants on special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Make sure you guide them properly in all the works.

We should keep our child away from plants that have thorns like roses, cactus, etc, they might hurt them. Otherwise, gardening is very safe, there is no danger of fire, gas, electricity or anything else.

Raising a child is a duty but raising a happy child is an art.

Planting can give enormous happiness to anyone.

Be Happy!!

Happy Planting!!


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