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Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Tools and machines make our task more easy. In gardening we can easily accomplish the most difficult tasks with the help of different tools specifically designed for various tasks. Sometimes, we need a variety of gardening tools to speed up the process, like pruners, garden trowels, watering cans and many more. These tools can be used from preparing the soil to sowing the seeds to watering and to harvesting. In this article, we are going to discuss each and every gardening tools in detail.

1. Gardening Trowel

Gardening trowel is used to loosen the soil and to shift the soil from one pot to another pot. Edge of the trowel should be blunt from the front, not sharp one. If the trowel is sharp then it might damage the roots. Handle of the trowel should be strong. Trowel is inexpensive, durable and an easily available tool.

Many types of trowels are available like broad trowel, narrow trowel, blunt from the front, sharp edged trowel, etc.

  • A Broad Trowel can be used to shift soil and different ingredients from one container to another container.

  • A sharp and narrow trowel can be used to shift the plant with roots from one pot to another pot.

2. Spray Bottle

Spray bottle is one of the most important tools used in the gardening. This tool is used very widely to give water, to spray pesticide, to spray liquid fertilizer and other manure. With these spray bottles, plants can be washed properly. Spray bottles are available in different sizes. A big size bottle is preferred to do water spray. For fertilizer, neem water, pesticides and other manures, small size bottles are fine.

  • Ideally, we should keep different spray bottles for different solutions. Like, if any spray bottle is used for neem oil, then do not use the same bottle for water because neem oil gets stuck inside the bottle. Plus, neem oil does not come out easily despite proper washing.

  • It is not necessary to buy it from the market, normal Colin or any Sanitizer bottle available at home can also be used as a spray bottle.

  • These bottles are quite delicate and get damaged easily. Sometimes spring breaks down or the pump stops working. Handle them with care.

3. Pruner

Pruner is also another important tools used in the gardening for various purpose. This tool is used to cut the unwanted leaves, small branches and hard stems of the plants. Like the stems of Parijat and Hibiscus are strong, you cannot cut them easily with a scissor. If the stem is delicate and soft then you can use a scissor also. For pruning keep one separate scissor.

Many people do not know about Pruning. Watch below video to get complete information on Pruning

4. Watering Cans

Watering cans are used to give water to the plants. If we give water with a mug, then there are chances of over watering whereas in watering cans water comes out at a decent pace and in moderate quantity. One more thing, when water is given by mug, water goes with more force on the surface of the soil. This pressure might disturb the placement of the plant.

Especially for indoor plants, watering cans should be used, as indoor plants need less water. For outdoor plants also watering cans are more preferred.

5. Hand Weeder

Basically, this tool is used for two things:

  • Firstly, for shifting any seedling from one pot to another pot. It can be done easily by using this tool.

  • Secondly, to loosen the soil in small pots instead of trowel this can be used.

6. Gardening Fork

The tool is used to loosening the soil, prepare the land. If you have a lawn or yard, then this is a very useful tool in your gardening.

7. Rake

Rake is used to make lines on the surface of the gardening area for sowing the seed inside the soil. After making lines, seeds can be sowed in those lines to germinate. This tool is also used to remove the unwanted weeds from the soil.

8. Kitchen utensils

Different kitchen vessels can be of great use while gardening. Steel glass can be picked up to shift ingredients from one pot to another. A steel plate can be kept beneath the pot instead of plastic trays to collect the extra water.

9. Seedling Tray

In seedling trays, multiple seeds can be grown at one time. If you have less space, then these trays are the perfect option to grow different saplings. Ice cream sticks can be used as tags to differentiate different saplings.

10. Green Net

During summers, when the temperature and sunlight both are very high, plants should be covered with a green net. This net provides a shed and protection to the plants from getting burnt.

11. Jute Rope

Jute rope is needed to provide support to climbers. As climber plants grow in upward direction, they need some support sticks to climb up. These supporting sticks can be made from Jute rope.

This was all about gardening tools. If you are a beginner in gardening, then all the tools are not needed. Normal Trowel, watering can and pruner can do all the work efficiently.

Happy gardening!

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