How To Remove Aphids/ Black Bugs From Plants

Updated: Jan 22

Aphids are black coloured tiny worms found in the leaves of the plant. It is very hard to recognize them initially, because they look like black sesame seeds. Moreover, it is difficult to figure out where they are coming from and how they spread so quickly.

If we stop them in the beginning itself, then it will be fruitful, otherwise they create lots of problems for the plants but it is very difficult to stop them in the beginning because they are not visible from the upward side, they generally attack at the back side of the leaves. These insects absorb all the nutrients of the plant present in the leaves and make the plant weak.

Aphids are very stubborn, they come again and again. It is mandatory to follow the correct procedure to get rid of them otherwise they can spoil the whole plant. These aphids harm the plant but they do not affect human beings. We can use our hands while doing treatment for them.

In this post, we will see the correct method of removing black bugs.

Steps to Remove Black Bugs

1) If you see Aphids on your plant, then first of all separate the affected plant from the rest of the plants.

2) After separating it, check the actual condition of the plant because all the affected parts need to be removed as aphids inhabit in groups all over the plant. You might find them at the bottom of leaves, in the branches or flowers.

3) After checking the plant thoroughly, cover the pot and the soil of the pot with the plastic properly. This is very important, do not avoid this step.

● When pesticides are sprayed on the plant, there might be the possibility that insects will fall down inside the pot (on the soil). They might attack the plant again. So, to get rid of them completely, it is important to cover your pot with plastic.

Tilt our plant’s branches to the outer side (of the pot) for treatment. Make sure you keep one bucket under the branch (on which you are doing treatment), so that pests would not fall on the pot or ground. These insects should fall inside the bucket only. Our final motive is to protect the soil from these insects.

4) After that, remove these insects from all the leaves, wash them with water. Clean the bottom side of the leaves properly. Spray bottles or any water cans can be used to do the spray.

5) For effective treatment, prepare one solution.

Take 8-10 cloves of garlic and grind them to make a paste. Add 1 glass of water to this paste, boil it for 5 minutes and sieve it. Take one ½ litre bottle and fill it with this solution. Add 1 tbsp neem oil, ½ tbsp hand wash (soap) and normal water to the garlic solution. Your spray is ready.

● Aphids run away from the garlic and that is why it is used in this solution.

● Neem is an organic pesticide, it also helps a lot to get rid of pests.

● Soaps can vanish any virus. It can help in removing insects from the plants also.

6) Spray this solution to each and every part of the plant - branches, leaves , flowers and all others. This process can be done in the evening because during day time plants do photosynthesis and if the leaves are coated with this solution then photosynthesis would not happen.

During the evening, plants do rest and respiration. If we do spray at that time , it would not affect the growth of the plant.

7) Next day in the morning, cover your pot and soil with plastic properly. Now, wash the entire plant with water properly. At that time, you will observe that 80% of aphids are gone and only 20% are left.

8) After that at evening time, repeat step 6 for 2-3 days continuously and during morning repeat step 7. If you continue this for 2-3 days regularly, all the aphids will disappear from the plant.

Keep on checking this plant, if you see the pests again then repeat the whole process again and keep your plant healthy.

Stay Clean !!

Stay Healthy !!!!

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